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Social distance awareness campaign


The world is still battling with Coronavirus as the northern hemisphere enters a 2nd wave with winter fast approaching. I wanted to help remind people of the importance of social distancing and face masks and with a reach of 1.2 million users over my network of dating sites and apps I thought I could try and make a small difference. Social distanced online dating
Social distanced search results within Butterfly, Dinky One, and Joystick Dating. The concept is to increase awareness and acceptance of masks and social distancing in a fun and engaging way.

The technical implementation

My network of dating sites is developed on a centralized source code that powers, the web, mobile web, and app. This meant that modifying the search results page was a quick job, which included, designing a graphic, editing one section of code, and rolling it out to every device and platform.


Although the majority of dating app users will be in the low-risk category I feel we all have a part to play. In recent months the number of cases in younger generations has increased and this is now starting to creep into the older community. Some of the older generations have had to endure immense hardship and loss as a result of a world war. For their sake, we need to respect distances and reduce our interaction which I feel is a small request to save the lives of older people.

My adjustments to my dating network were about 2 hours of work, maybe dating companies, social networks, and other online communities will follow suit?

Please consider sharing this post on your own social media channel and see if others companies will join.


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