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I have founded many niche dating brands that either fit a target demographic or have some ‘twist’. Here's a selection.

Casual dating with a focus on the physical side of a relationship. Founded in 2007, this was the first site created. It grew to over 60,000 members automatically in the early years and today has had several million members passing through. Saucy Dates is often featured in the press and has created some viral news stories that have made a number of TV shows, including, The Doctors TV, The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Bondage/BDSM life-style dating, this niche is shared with SiN. Members can add different kinks and fetishes to their profile to help find matches quickly.

A site focused on erotic chats rather than face to face dates. Cybersex Dating has been featured online with Forbes.

Dating site for singles 50 years of age or older.

Casual dating that is a site share with Saucy Dates.

General mainstream dating for all ages but primarily 18 to 35. ooOo Dating is multi-award winning and speeds up dating as it does not require any swiping. Just simply send messages to people you like.

Dating for Turkish singles.

Dating for men with a below average penis size and partners who prefer it that way. Founded in 2020 this site saw overnight success. The site currently has 150,000 members and over 2 million messages are swapped per year. The brand is a huge favourite with the press/media as it's truly unique.

Dating for men with an above average penis size and partners who prefer it that way. This site was created soon after Dinky One to ensure there were no copycat sites. Big One is popular but not as much as Dinky One, maybe bigger isn't always better?

A dating site that has been specifically designed for transgender people with advanced search tools.

Fetish and kink dating that is a site share with Bondage Pal.

A dating site for single gamers looking for their player 2. Members can choose their platform of choice and genre of games they love. After launch, the site had some excellent press coverage in Italy.

A serious dating site for single gay men looking for something more than a hookup. The brand name is designed to take a gay slur and turn it around into a positive trait.

Designed for people who are questioning their sexuality and for people understanding of this. An established gay/lesbian dating site may be too intimidating for someone questioning.

The original and first extreme age gap dating site. Match 20 years older or younger and nothing less. The site was featured on ITV's Loose Women, Fox News and multiple radio stations world wide.

For bald singles and people who prefer it that way. This site was made a response to the 'hatfishing' craze. Just like 'catfishing', men were covering their bald heads in photos and then women felt tricked when they met for a date. WFT! Embrace your baldness! The brand has been very popular with the media and appeared on the Late show with James Corden, multiple radio shows and Fox News. Comedian, Jeff Dunham did a ventriloquist sketch with bald puppet Walter.

Luxury dating for the successful. The most expensive dating site in the world with a subscription price up to $1,000 per month. The site has been featured in several online blogs and sites. The number of memberships is limited per country, making it also one of the most exclusive sites online today.

The world's first dating site for long-term singles. 30% of singles consider themselves desperate and have been single for around 3 years on average. The site has been a big media hit and has featured on GB News, The Daily Mail, Metro, The Guardian and the Daily Star. Over 3,000 messages have been exchanged per day within days of launch.