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Fun facts

Here are some facts and stats that may be of interest.

  • Given lectures to rocket scientists but never brain surgeons
  • Got my first skateboard aged 48
  • Really getting back into BMXing after owning one in the 80's I now ride one in 2023!
  • Can do the Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes
  • Training to sit the MENSA exam (high IQ society), currently around IQ 148
  • Dating network has reached an estimated 4 million people
  • Need to find more time to go snowboarding again
  • Had my first internet connection in 1992
  • Enjoy creating digital art
  • Business and computer skills all self-taught (books and e-learning)
  • Actually enjoy standing in front of a live audience and presenting
  • Have the ambition to try standup comedy but not sure if I'm funny to anyone else